Training Green Play Coaches is now available!

We are pleased to present Training Green Play Coaches, a source of educational material for sports coaches to help them teach values in sport.

This document comprises a total of fifty-five activities to teach values in team sports according to the needs of different age categories (from under 7’s to under 16’s): twenty-five generic situations designed for any team sports, twenty-five more specific activities for sports taught at CEBLLOB (five, seven, and eleven-a-side football, basketball, handball and volleyball), and five further activities in which values can be assessed.

To begin with, a specific value is selected from situations or conflicts that usually occur during training sessions and matches. Then, a learning activity is chosen to develop this value. We haven’t created any new activities except those which any coach can plan and easily incorporate other variables and directions (technical / tactical exercises, mini-games, modified situations, exercises with handicaps, etc.). It is necessary to take a break to analyse the activity and propose points for further debate.