Green Play awareness raising in Tampere Finland

55.Annual School Athletics Relay Carnival

More than 1500 school children between 7 to 17 years old supported by hundreds of teachers and parents participated in annual event in Tampere Finland 5th of September.

HLU organised a Green Play info tent during the event. We were introducing Green Play methodology and how to join the “movement” for teachers. Many teachers and schools were interested in using Green Play education and methodology in their events in the future! During the event, we agreed to go to some schools to teach teachers Green Play methodology and apps.

It was fantastic to see so many children enjoying the joy of sports in a great atmosphere. And when the children were enjoying themselves so were the adults!

Green Play action in Harjuniitty School Olympics 8th of September 2017

HLU organized a Green Play – Fair Play action as part of Harjuniitty School Olympics in Nokia Finland. App. 300 school children were considering what the word “fair play” means to them. We asked them to write down, on a huge paper board the first word that came to their mind when they think about fair play. As a result, they created their own “fair play wall” as a reminder for the future.

HLU will continue the Green Play co-operation with Harjuniitty school in the future. We will organise a teacher’s training on the Green Play methodology and apps.