General information

Green Play is an alternative and innovative methodology implemented by the Consell Esportiu del Baix Llobregat (Baix Llobregat Sports Council -CEBLLOB) based in Catalonia, Spain, since 2013 and represents a radical departure from the current model of scoring system in school sport competitions.

The basic premise of the project is that if you want to educate in values, the goal of getting more points than the adversary cannot be the only condition to win the game; values and civic behaviour also count.

In this sense, another unique characteristic of the project is the integration of all the target groups that participate in school competitions in the assessing process: families (parents), referees, coaches and tutors (a responsible person for each team, it can be a mother, a father or a big brother).

Therefore, “Juga Verd Play” implies a conceptual shift from the traditional system of scoring: games are played with a total of 10 points, of which only 3 really matter on the scoreboard, the rest are awarded based on established criteria linked to the values and fair play.

Lastly, we must point out that “Green Play” has embedded ICT as a great ally since it counts with an application for smartphones called “Baixesport- VerdPlay” (also available in desktop format), facilitating the registration of votes of all the target groups implicated, hence an optimal process of data collection.

Considering the successful implementation of the Green Play methodology for team sports (football 7, indoor football, basketball, volleyball and handball) in Spain, the partners in this project propose to develop and adapt a similar pioneer methodology for individual sports, such as: tennis, swimming, running, gymnastics etc.

The Green Play methodology for individual sports would entail a different approach, and it will have to be adapted to the specificities of each individual sport. In April 2016, CEBLLOB has conducted a pilot test of Green Play methodology for individual sports in aerobics involving 50 children. Again, the methodology encompasses points from all the relevant parties, as with the team sports, however in this case the athletes will have to self-evaluate in addition to the feedback/points received from their coaches and families during the trainings sessions and also the competitions.

Is this sense, this proposal contemplates:

  1. The self-evaluation of the athletes (4 questions)
  2. The assessment by the family (1 point)
  3. The assessment by the coaches (7 points)

These assessments are registered through a computer application and are translated into a future report on each athlete.